According to the IMD, there has been a decrease of 10 per cent rainfall, while the monsoon has gone without rain from 1 August to 31 august.

Hello friends, as you know that this time the monsoon has gone ahead without rain, where there has been rain in some areas, there has been a complete drought in some, after which some areas are troubled by water shortage, but according to the reports of IMD, there is a possibility of rain coming in September.

mansoon is active in september

According to the reports of IMD, this time the monsoon has decreased by 10 percent and due to lack of rain in many areas, there has been a drought, which is directly affecting the general public.

MUMBAI: With a month to month precipitation shortfall of almost 60%, the city has encountered the second-driest August over the most recent 10 years, as indicated by India Meteorological Division (IMD) information.
The IMD Santacruz observatory recorded 177mm of precipitation in August, against the typical month to month amount of 566.4mm. The 10-year most reduced August precipitation record was 154mm in 2015. The unsurpassed most minimal August precipitation was 108.6mm in 1972.
As indicated by meteorologists, Mumbai won’t get weighty downpour for the following 10 days. “The precipitation recorded throughout the course of recent days has been nothing and September likewise doesn’t look extremely encouraging,” said an IMD official.

PUNE: An IMD figure on Thursday anticipated the chance of September finishing with an underneath ordinary precipitation in Maharashtra.
The India Meteorological Office’s (IMD) probabilistic figure for precipitation during September 2023 came as a worry for Maharashtra, as August finished with a 59% precipitation deficiency for the state.
However the precipitation found the middle value of over the country all in all during September 2023 is probably going to be typical, the estimate showed that this may not be the situation with Maharashtra.
“In any case, one uplifting news is the fractional recovery of rainstorm precipitation in the following couple of days,” Anupam Kashyapi, top of the weather conditions estimating division, IMD, Pune, told TOI.

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