Samsung recently start release the November 2023 security update for the Galaxy S21 mobile series in Europe and the companys is now making this updates available for users in India country.

In November 2023 security updates for the Samsung Galaxy S21 mobile, Galaxy S21 Plus mobile, and Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone in India can be identify through the firmware software versions mentioned below list.

  • Galaxy S21 mobile  G991BXXS9EWJO
  • Galaxy S21 Plus mobile  G996BXXS9EWJO
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra mobile G998BXXS9EWJO

Users will have to install a 253.7MB package to install the new softwares. The new launch patch mends a bundle of issue to make your Galaxy devices more secure and stable and reliables.

If you have receive the notifications of the updates then install it now to get a bug-free experiences. You could also checked the update by visiting the Settings apps on your smartphones and opening the Software Update section in mobile settings.

Now click on the Download and install options. If any updates is available, you can follow the on-screen instruction to install the updates on your Galaxy smartphones.

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