Poverty is becoming very high in today’s time, people are not able to live in such inflation, due to this reason some people are becoming poor and rich people are becoming rich through their business, but the poor are getting less education and work. People are becoming poor due to lack of money, poverty is becoming very high in today’s time and it is spread globally, so now the question comes that how should this poverty be ended, how to help the poor. If you want, let’s talk about some important facts.

  1. Poverty is becoming very high in today’s time, so you can help people in a good way like giving food to the poor and giving money to the poor as per their need, but you should keep in mind that give money only to those who are really in need. So you can help the poor on your birthday or on any other day which will make you feel good.
  2. You can help the poor according to their needs like giving them food, clothes, blankets for sleeping, you can help.
  3. If you think someone is suitable for a job then you can get them a job so that you can give them a proper income.
  4. If you find such a needy person then you can fulfill his needs, by doing this you will get blessings and you can become a good person.
  5. If you see a person whose hair and body are completely damaged, then you can get him treatment which will help him.
  6. If you know, then you can help the poor in every way, and you do it according to your capacity.

According to a survey, 660 million people of the world are living in poverty and every year these people are increasing. Some people make business of poverty, hence they beg. So if you do not help with money, help them according to their needs. If someone really needs money, then first understand whether he really needs money or not and you can also get him a job.


Helping the poor is no less than a boon, there are many people who sleep hungry and remain hungry during the day, hence the government should also help in this matter like providing free food and clothes to the people. This can include issues like getting them work, organizing camps and knowing their needs etc.

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